Environmental Activism in the Sunrise Movement

I’m a hub coordinator in my local Silver Spring hub of the Sunrise Movement.

The Sunrise movement is a youth-led environmental movement working to stop the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs in the process. I’m a hub co-coordinator for my local hub in Silver Spring, MD, and in this role I help lead other youth involved climate activism in my community. We focus on convincing local and national-level policymakers to take bold action against the climate crisis. My work in Sunrise’s Silver Spring hub consists largely of managing the Media and Communications team. I phonebanked for hours in the 2018 and 2020 national elections, and other smaller races at the state and Congressional level. I believe that youth have the power and the responsibility to take action and call upon our elected officials to make change, because their inaction against the climate crisis is causing catastrophe for everyone. I also understand that change will only come through intersectional activism, which is why our hub has efforts for racial, educational and economic justice beyond the scope of traditional conservation legislation. I’ve been involved in other local student-led activism by groups like MoCo (Montgomery County) for Change, Students Towards Equitable Public Schools (STEPS), Jamie Raskin’s Democracy Summer, Generation Ratify, and more.